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Notes from our monthly Planning Meetings can be found here.

16 September 2023

The wildflower area has now been strimmed, and the cuttings raked up by a team of volunteers.  The grasses and wildflowers have now had a chance to set seed for next year.

8 September 2023

A “bat recorder” was installed in Sanders garden adjacent to the churchyard wall for 3 nights.  The results showed a total of 1,576 bat observations over the period with 13 different species of bat.  See our Observation Reports page.

30 July 2023

Kate Purver set up a lighted moth trap in the churchyard after dark one evening at the end of July.  In one night they found 30 different species; they counted 68 moths in the trap.  The list can be seen on our Observation Reports page

17 July 2023

Children from the Stoke Fleming Primary School made some "bug hotels" for the churchyard in their Forest School classes this term.  We will watch with interest to see what sort of creepy-crawlies take up residence there.  See Gallery for more pictures

14 June 2023

Further surveying of wildlife in the Churchyard has been taking place.  Victoria Benns has been looking at insects, birds and grasses.  The results of her work, and the previous observations can be found on the Observation Reports page of this website.

7 June 2023

A survey of plants seen and birds heard or seen in the churchyard was taken by Stevie Rogers (Dartmouth Green Partnership) and Ashley Hutton of our own team over the weekend of 5/6 June. 

We will look for other species later in the month

16 May 2023

Friends of St Peter's talk entitled Managing God’s Acre: Why are Churchyards so Important for Wildlife, took place in St Peter's Church.  This talk was given by David Curry - Exeter Diocese Environmental Advisor.  Full details can be found HERE.

8 Apr 23

Good work by the Working Party to clear grass and weeds from some of the untended kerbed graves, and plant and sow wildflowers.

31 Mar 23

Our new daffodils are looking at their best.

20 Mar 23

Information Board about the project installed in the church.  Keep an eye on progress, and spread the word.

2 Mar 23

More major work started in the churchyard today - cutting back the brambles along the east wall to the left of the gate.  We have discovered some hidden gravestones and gained about 3 more feet of churchyard.  

21 Feb 23

The first of the daffodils planted before Christmas are now starting to bloom.  Many more are showing in bud.  More photographs when they are all in full splendour. 

14 Feb 23

The shrubs by the path have been trimmed and a small team has cleared up the debris to be taken to Loam Rangers. The wildflower meadow has been strimmed and raked. 

30 Nov 22

More bulb planting in the churchyard today - Jane and Jenny were joined by Caroline and Chris to double the rate of progress.  A mixture of 1800 narcissus bulbs are being planted.  

29 Nov 22

The first phase of work in the churchyard has started.  Jenny and Jane spent the morning in the sunshine planting bulbs along the edges of the main path.