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See the results of the Bat Survey carried out in early September, on our Observation Reports page

Friends of St Peter's

Stoke Fleming Living Churchyard

Enhancing biodiversity in St Peter's churchyard 

Our Project

The aim of the Living Churchyard project is to enhance and manage the churchyard, 
creating a sustainable haven for wildlife and in turn making a more pleasant place for the people of the community. 

  It is a unique habitat because it has been uncultivated and enclosed for hundreds of years; our plan is to conserve what is already here, and to increase the number and variety of native plants and creatures.


Our Living Churchyard project is part of the UK-wide 'B-Lines' project to build a 'super highway' for insects and birds - creating 'stepping stones' between wildflower rich areas. 

B-Lines aims to create and restore at least 150,000 hectares of flower-rich habitat across the UK.

Friends of St Peter's

This project is devised and funded by Friends of St Peter's, Stoke Fleming.  FOSP is mainly funded by membership subscriptions, fundraising events and generous donations.

St Peter's Church

We are grateful to the PCC of St Peter's Church Stoke Fleming for supporting this project.  See website below for information about the history of our lovely church.